International Tax

On the client side, the following decision-making criteria take on greater relevance when it comes to selecting the "right asset manager". These criteria have far-reaching consequences for banks and financial services providers.

Some of these criteria include:

  • “After-tax performance” rather than gross return
  • Content and transparency of reporting
  • Claims from the client’s country of domicile are transferred to off-shore locations

Fiscal pressure to broaden the tax basis will continue to increase, especially with regard to income from capital assets. Financial services providers, particularly banks and fund management companies, will increasingly be obliged to record tax-relevant data and forward it either directly or indirectly - via the client - to the authorities. 

Tax regulations, Banking Operations, IT

Retrieving and preparing of these data Implementing statutory and client requirements in the area of "Client Taxes" calls for expertise in a number of fields: tax legislation, banking operations and IT.

We advise you on the analysis and implementation of statutory requirements throughout the entire process chain (data collection, tax calculation, reporting):

  • Client taxes for various European jurisdictions (eg: Germany, Italy and Switzerland)
  • Automatic exchange of information/OECD-CRS
  • US QI Reporting and Extension („871(m)”)
  • Development of tax-related products and services

An overview of our projects you may find in the section use cases

Our offering

In the field of international tax we offer consulting services to banks and financial service providers throughout the entire process chain:

  • Strategy consulting
  • RFI / RFP market consulting
  • Implementation of applications / core banking systems
  • Management of development processes, requirements and specifications
  • Test management