GE-Tax Tax Prices

The German data provider WM Datenservice ("WM") offers a variety of asset static data that are relevant for the categorization of financial instruments from a tax perspective, but not a „unique identifier“. 

The module GE-Tax categorizationTM provides on the basis of WM data the tax type ("tax category") for financial instruments, customized on the requirements of the target system(s). 

GE-Tax categorizationTM is based on complex combinations ("rule-sets") of various WM fields and attributes in order to assess the "tax category“. Ad present approximately 50 WM fields are used for the categorization. 

In addition to the categorization various validation processes are included in order to avoid a false classification as a result of missing or inconsistent asset fields in WM.

GE-TaxTM  categorization comprises more than 150 internal "tax categories“, which can be mapped on the target system(s).

The detail level of the tax categorization is influenced by the following criteria: 

  • "Onshore" or "offshore banking business"
  • Back office-Processes
  • Requirements of target system(s) / IT-architecture

The rule-sets are permanently maintained in order to implement changes resulting from the legal requirements as well as changes within WM (usually 3 releases per year and various ad-hoc changes).

The security categorization of GE-TaxTM categorizationcan be extended to other tax jurisdictions in the future through the implementation of additional rule-sets (based on security static information of the respective national providers), e. g. for

  • Italy (Master Anagrafico)
  • Switzerland (SIX FI)
  • Luxembourg (SIX FI)
  • Austria (OEKB)