The data of the company „Wertpapiermitteilungen GmbH“, Frankfurt (WM) are essential for the correct calculation of the German final tax, this is also the case for the production of consolidated earning statements for clients of off-shore banks domiciled in Germany.

We have been dealing with the topic „WM-data“ for tax purposes for years and with “GE-Tax” we offer our clients a professional solution.


The determination of the tax-relevant securities category and the relevant security event data are of central importance when managing securities out of a taxation perspective.

To determine these values Banking Concepts has developed comprehensive rule-sets and successfully implemented them in a software solution in cooperation with specialized companies which is offered under the name GE-Tax.

By means of this service any target system can be fed with validated and consistent tax data. With it the prerequisite for high quality tax calculations and tax certificates is established.

A detailed description of this service you may find in the section GE-Tax Service.