Core Banking Systems

Especially in the typical off-shore banking centers core banking systems are often the preferred IT-solutions. If such a system is to be deployed in a new jurisdiction or if the corresponding functionalities have to be developed for new off-shore locations, the software provider has to be involved in the project.

Banking Concepts AG has extensive experience in adapting core banking systems:

Avaloq Banking System

Banking Concepts AG is Strategic Service Partner for internationalization, in particular we have done the following projects:

  • Specification German final taxation
  • Testing strategy and development of test cases
  • Requirements specification for various other countries
  • Subproject Back-Office (securities administration, payments, asset master data, corporate actions, stock exchange and forex trading, money market)
  • Subproject Regulatory requirements
  • Migration projects focused on accounting, including internal accounts, regulatory reporting, migration reconciliation sheet
  • Implementation of new accounting standards for banks in Switzerland: conceptional design, banking know how support, data reconciliation, testing management
  • IT-project management and parameterization for the implementation of the ‘Industry Account Switching’ regulation for a bank in the UK
  • IT-project management, parameterization and data migration for the implementation of the ‘Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standards’ (PCI/DSS) at a bank in the UK


  • Internationalization for various European countries
  • Testing strategy and test execution
  • Ongoing support for a private bank in Luxembourg
  • Various projects in different European countries


Test execution for a foreign private bank in Switzerland:

  • Test definition and execution for the trading module with Bloomberg interface “end to end”
  • Test definition and execution for the securities module, in particular various corporate actions
  • Usage of the software Testdirector for test execution and error analysis


  • Regulatory requirement analysis and implementation support for the Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA / FIDLEG)
  • Task force for a regulatory reporting interface to a third party application
  • Crafting of template processes for a cantonal bank
  • Review of the high level concept “German tax reporting”

TCS BaNCS (ebs-alpha)

  • Testing strategy and test execution for a foreign private bank
  • Functional responsibility for the area banking operations in implementation and migration projects
  • Management of parallel phases in the business area operations

Inhouse core banking systems of large domestic and foreign banks

For large Swiss and European banks we have successfully implemented various projects:

  • Specification German tax requirements / final taxation onshore
  • Test and review German tax reports onshore
  • Specification French tax requirements
  • RFI-/RFP-process for multinational tax reporting offshore



Core Banking

Core banking is defined as the sum of all IT-components that enable banks to manage their basic financial products and services (such as account and client data, investments, credits, mortgages, payments and cards transactions).